Oregon State University uses Cayuse as its web-based proposal development and submission system. After registering to use Cayuse, you will use your ONID username (all lower case) and your ONID password to access the website.  Form to register can be found here: https://research.oregonstate.edu/osraa/forms-and-rates. A link to access Cayuse is found below.

It is important to submit your proposal with sufficient time to obtain Department and College Administrator approval and allow three business days for Sponsored Program review and authorization. As with all research projects, OSRAA approval is required prior to proposal submission to the sponsor.  OSRAA provides four tiers of service for proposal review.  To find out more about the tiers, click here.

Cayuse 424 can be used instead of Grants.gov (link 424 proposal to Cayuse SP proposal.) With the exception of collaborative proposals, Cayuse 424 can also be used to submit NSF proposals. 

Link to Cayuse


Listed below are currently available electronic proposal submission systems at various agencies.

National Science Foundation

NSF requires electronic submission for all proposals, including revisions and supplements, using the FastLane system. In order to register for a FastLane user account, the PI should access the NSF site to register https://www.fastlane.nsf.gov/. The PI should use the “Allow SRO Access” utility in FastLane to enable OSRAA to view the proposal online. Once administrative approval of the Cayuse proposal has been obtained, the PI must notify OSRAA when the proposal is ready for submission. OSRAA then electronically signs and submits the proposal to NSF. The Project Reports System allows the PI to submit annual and final reports as well as post award updates to NSF.

Department of Defense-Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs

The e-receipt system allows for online proposal submission, separate actions must be taken by the application and the contract representative to complete the submission process. After review of the Cayuse proposal, the final submission is made by OSRAA. The information referenced above should be entered for the AOR to ensure OSRAA the necessary access to approve the proposal.  Cayuse can accommodate these proposals as well.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

NSPIRES is the NASA Solicitation and Proposal Integrated Review and Evaluation System. This web-based system supports the entire lifecycle of NASA research solicitation and awards, from the release of solicitation announcements through the peer review and selection process, to awards management and publication of research results. Cayuse can also be used for NASA proposals, but check the announcement to see if NSPIRES is required.