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Budget Templates

These template budget forms are provided to support development of a sponsored project budget that includes OSU’s current rates for indirect costs, fringe benefits and graduate student expenses, such as tuition.

Please check the list of links at the bottom of this page to access college-specific budget information, forms and support. Your college may require specific forms or additional steps prior to budget approval.

Download Basic Budget Templates

Specific Budget Template Form Instruction:

Information on MTDC/TDC budgets

Note that most budgets will use an MTDC overhead rate from OSU’s negotiated Indirect Cost Rate Agreement.

  • MTDC Basic Budget Template: select a Project Type from the drop-down menu at the top of the spreadsheet to populate the indirect cost rate for automatic calculation while you build the budget.
  • TDC Basic Budget Template: enter a specific indirect cost rate in Line 65 for automatic calculation as you build the budget.
  • MTDC and TDC Expanded Budget Templates: Enter the indirect cost rate for each year in Line 10 of the spreadsheet for automatic calculation as you build the budget. Also enter a “1” in each budget year of Line 11.

Additional Information on Current OSU Rates

Additional College Budget Assistance Links