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Keck Foundation
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Keck Foundation - Call for Concept Papers 

  • Deadline for concept papers to the RO:  January 3, 2024 by 11:59 pm, to InfoReady.
  • The Keck Foundation funds promising projects likely to lead to new models and/or breakthroughs in fundamental science, engineering, and medical science. The Keck Foundation offers two distinct research grant opportunities to conduct this research, one in science/engineering and one in medical research.

  • The Keck Foundation looks to fund projects that would or do not qualify for federal funding from agencies like NSF and NIH due to the proposed project’s high-risk nature. Projects that have received federal funding or that have applications pending for federal funding are not strong candidates for funding for the Keck Foundation and will be screened out at the early stages of this process.
  • The Keck Foundation also looks for project personnel accomplished in terms of publications and journal citations and highly regarded in their area of research. The Foundation is open to funding faculty and faculty teams at junior and senior levels.

  • The Keck Foundation will provide OSU with funding of up to $1.2 million per project; the project duration must be three years. Concept papers and full proposals should have budgets between $900,000 and $1.2 million. OSU will not advance concept papers to the Keck Foundation with budgets exceeding $1.2 million for consideration. (The Keck Foundation website may have different funding levels and grant periods; however, the information in this bullet is what applies to OSU proposals.). Further application details can be found at


Please refer to the Call for Concept papers uploaded to InfoReady for the timing of the process.

Please keep in mind that Keck has two funding cycles per year. A concept paper on your research project could be considered for future funding cycles if the timeline for this funding cycle does not work for your schedule. At present, the OSU Foundation and the Research Office plan to run a new Keck cycle every six months.

Please review the following document and information before you begin to prepare your concept paper. 

Concept Paper Instructions attached to the InfoReady Announcement

PowerPoint Presentation from KECK visit to Oregon State University