Math+X Investigators:

Basis for Awards: This program is designed to encourage novel collaborations between mathematics and other fields in science or engineering by providing funds to professors to establish programs at the interface between mathematics and other fields of science or engineering.

Level and Duration of Funding: A Math+X Investigator is appointed for a period of five years and will receive support in an amount of $300,000 per year, which includes up to 20 percent in indirect costs to the Investigator’s institution. Renewal for an additional five years is contingent upon the evaluation of the scientific impact of the Investigator.

Allowable Expenses: The funding provided to a Math+X Investigator may be used at the Investigator’s discretion to support activities that develop connections between mathematics and the X partner department discipline.


Mathematics and X Partner Departments: The X partner should be a department or institute of science or engineering at the Investigator’s university that will engage in significant collaboration with the mathematics department in an area where such collaboration is not the norm. Both departments must have doctoral programs.

Math+X Investigators: The Math+X Investigator must be a current tenured faculty member with a primary appointment in the mathematics department at an institution in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, or Ireland, on a campus within these countries. The Investigator will be expected to teach both in the mathematics and the X partner departments and be appointed in both departments by the award’s start date (courtesy appointments will be allowed).



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Tuesday, April 23, 2013
Simons Foundation
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