NSF Research Traineeship (NRT) Program

Solicitation:  NSF 19-522

  • The solicitation for Innovations in Graduate Education (IGE) is available at NSF 17-585; it is no longer a track under NRT.

For the FY2019 application process:

  • Letter of intent due to Office of Research Development  -  Monday, August 5, 2019 -  email Research.Development@oregonstate.edu 
  • Agency Letter of Intent Window - Required - November 25, 2019 - December 6, 2019
  • Agency Full Proposal Deadline Date - Wednesday, February 6, 2020

Institutional Limit:  - 2 -   Closed

The program is dedicated to the effective training of STEM graduate students in high priority interdisciplinary research areas, through the use of a comprehensive traineeship model that is innovative, evidence-based, and aligned with changing workforce and research needs.


The NRT Program requests proposals in any interdisciplinary or convergent research theme of national priority, while highlighting specific priority research areas that change periodically.

For FY2019 and FY2020, the high priority research areas are the six research areas in NSF's 10 Big Ideas. The NSF research Big Ideas are Harnessing the Data Revolution (HDR), The Future of Work at the Human-Technology Frontier (FW-HTF), Navigating the New Arctic (NNA), Windows on the Universe: The Era of Multi-Messenger Astrophysics (WoU), The Quantum Leap: Leading the Next Quantum Revolution (QL), and Understanding the Rules of Life: Predicting Phenotype (URoL).

In an effort to provide the highest level of excellence and viability for funding, a review process will be put in place if two or more letters of intent to the RO are submitted for the Traineeship Track,

Guidance for preparation of the letter of intent to the Research Office (which is the same for NSF):

  • The name and departmental affiliation of the Principal Investigator (PI);
  • The name(s) and departmental affiliation(s) of the Co-PI(s) and others composing the10 Core Participants;
  • The lead institution and any other participating institution(s);
  • Project title: For Traineeship Track proposals, the title should begin with “NRT-DESE:” for projects with a Data-Enabled Science and Engineering theme, or with “NRT:” for projects on a cross-cutting, interdisciplinary theme other than DESE.
  • Synopsis (200-word limit): For Traineeship Track proposals, provide a brief summary of the vision and goals of the proposed training program including a brief description of the interdisciplinary research theme, the main training elements, the integration of the research and training, and the need for the program;
  • Keywords: For Traineeship Track proposals, include 4-5 keywords that specify the disciplines and/or themes targeted;

Up to 4 pages of additional text and graphics may be submitted with the above LoI to provide information that would be helpful to reviewers.

Note: An individual may serve as Lead PI or Co-PI on only one proposal submitted to NSF.  Please indicate if you plan to team (or have been approached to team) on another NRT proposal either at OSU or another institution. 

Submit electronically 2019  as an MSWord or PDF document to Research.Development@oregonstate.edu  with "Research Traineeship (NRT) Program" in the email title. Thank you. 


Monday, August 5, 2019
Date Open: 
Thursday, October 26, 2017
National Science Foundation
Agency Deadline: 
Wednesday, February 6, 2019
Limit per Institution: 
both spots selected
Important Notes: 
Letters of Intent to NSF required.