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Announcing a Transition to New Research Compliance Software for Human Subjects Research

We are excited to announce the Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) is transitioning to a new software solution—Cayuse Human Ethics! Researchers are already experienced using Cayuse as this software is utilized for our conflicts of interest and pre-award functions. By implementing Cayuse for HRPP, the Research Office will be taking a significant step toward providing a better user experience and linking research integrity functions with pre-award functions.
The Human Ethics module will provide a flexible, integrated IT platform that will facilitate broader program and process improvements aimed at shortening review times, improving transparency, and reducing the administrative work for researchers.

Cayuse Human Ethics will:

•    streamline the IRB submission process
•    provide a simplified submission process for Exempt studies
•    increased transparency and improved access to IRB review status

The HRPP website has more information about the transition to Cayuse and information about how to manage studies that will not be migrated. Please also read our FAQs for more detailed information.  If you have questions about the transition to Cayuse Human Ethics, please email irb@oregonstate.edu.  
Cayuse Sponsored Projects:

After the transition to Cayuse Human Ethics is complete, we will move to the modernized Cayuse Sponsored Programs platform to provide a better proposal submission experience and full integration with the other Cayuse modules.

We look forward to bolstering OSU’s commitment to research by implementing this exciting software in partnership with the research community.
Contact Information:
If you have questions, please contact Christopher Viggiani, PhD, Associate Vice President for Research Integrity at Christopher.viggiani@oregonstate.edu.