The Office for Research Development (ORD) serves as a link between research and research administration to promote, support, strengthen, and grow the research enterprise at OSU. Working with faculty, administration staff, and leadership partners, the ORD seeks to attract extramural research funding, increase institutional competitiveness, create research relationships, and foster innovation.


ORD Toolkit and Resources:

The ORD Website provides resource and funding information:

Assist faculty to find funding opportunities

Project Management, Coordination and Content Development Support

  • Identify key requirements of the RFP
  • Develop a timeline, coordinate internal deadlines, meetings, email reminders, review process.
  • Assistance with setting up peer review and distribution of comments

Navigation - Assist faculty navigate administrative structures within OSU, and utilize OSU supportive services already established. Examples of Collaborative Partners:

  • Graduate College
  • Research Advisory Council
  • Associate Deans for Research




Susan Emerson, Research Development Associateresearch.oregonstate.edu/ord