Part 107 Flight Reporting

This form allows those flying OSU unmanned aircraft to notify OSU of their intent to fly. Flight reporting is location-specific, please submit a report for each location and time you plan to fly. Logged flights must comply with all OSU and FAA policy regarding the use of UAS. If any FAA waivers have been approved for your flight please notify the Research Office of said waiver.

You must have completed OSU's online training and received your Part 107 license before using this form.


COA Flight Reporting

If you don't have your Part 107 license yet, or if your project can't be flown under Part 107, there is the option to fly using OSU's Certificate of Authorization (COA). Missions must be submitted via Drone Complier and approved by the Research Office before flying. For this reason, please allow at least two business days for a flight approval.

At this time the Research Office is moving away from COA reporting. If you do not already have a Drone Complier account we encourage you to study for your Part 107 exam to begin flying under Part 107.

If you have any questions regarding the use of either of these links please contact