The Autonomous Systems Research Group (ASRG) in Oregon is intended to be a partnership between the academic community at Oregon State University and the unmanned aerial, under-and-on water, and land-based vehicles and systems sectors.  This partnership is designed to support cutting-edge research that will be relevant to the growing commercial use of autonomous systems.

ASRG will promote safe and effective use of these systems, and support economic growth of this sector in the Pacific Northwest.  Oregon State University, as part of the Pan Pacific Test Ranges, and FAA-designated set of test ranges in collaboration with University of Alaska-Fairbanks and the University of Hawaii.  The ASRG's mission is to provide a research and development capability for the advancement of autonomous systems to promote economic benefit to the state of Oregon, and in concordance with federal and state aviation agencies and guidelines.

ASRG Steering Committee


  • Ann Schmierer, email, 541-737-1180, cell:  541-609-8900
  • Rob Holman, email, 541-737-2914
  • Cynthia Sagers, Vice President for Research, email, 541-737-0664
  • Jane Cigarran, email, 541-737-0664, cell: 503-757-5165