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"Drone Complier will allow you to create jobs for customers, assign equipment and personnel to different jobs, manage area approvals and risk assessments and manage maintenance requirements. It will help you create your operational manuals and keep them up to date. It will produce all of your compliance reporting."

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What is a Project?

Projects are designed to group tasks together. A project is usually defined as a type of flight. Examples include "Gray Whale Research Flights" or "Antenna Tower Inspection Flights".

Before creating a project it's important to check to see if a simular project is already happening at OSU. For example, OSU's Drone Complier already has a project for Recreational Flights that can be used by anyone wishing to log flight hours when not flying under OSU's COA. Any recreational flights should be logged under that project without creating a new one.

What is a Task/Job

Tasks are grouped under a project type and are typically used to define a geographical area. They can also be used to define different dates, however a single task should be used if flights will be conducted on different days but with the same operating conditions. Examples of tasks include "Inspection of tower #5 at Bend, OR" or "Gray Whale spotting flight near Newport, OR". Most projects will have multiple tasks assigned to them unless the operations are in the same area with reoccuring flight conditions.


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