Reporting Animal Welfare and other Concerns

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Any person with direct knowledge or reasonable suspicions of any animal welfare concerns or mistreatment of animals associated with Oregon State University is obligated to report them promptly.  Members of the OSU community are also obligated to report animal activity noncompliance.

The Animal Welfare Act protects the rights of individuals reporting animal welfare concerns and prohibits discrimination against or reprisal for reporting violations of regulations or standards under the Animal Welfare Act.


Prompt reporting of animal welfare concerns is essential to protect all animals involved and to aid in any investigation of allegations. Anyone aware of animal mistreatment must discuss the incident with one of the contacts below, so the animal(s) involved can be evaluated and receive appropriate medical care.  Concerns regarding participant health & safety should be reported to EH&S or via the direct link here.

Members of the OSU community are obligated to report animal activity noncompliance, or unauthorized animal use.  Contact one of the people listed below, submit an Incident Report Form available on the IACUC website, or submit an anonymous report with OSU’s online reporting system via EthicsPoint.  Under normal circumstances involving limited risk, questions about compliance can first be discussed with the supervisor and/or study personnel.

Contact list:

You can submit an anonymous report online via the OSU portal at the EthicsPoint website through the OSU portal or call 1-855-388-4971.  

Note: this system is not equipped to handle emergencies.  For emergencies, contact the Attending Veterinarian, or others listed above.

Online Reporting System – Animal Welfare Concerns & Noncompliance

Submit an anonymous report online via the OSU portal on EthicsPoint website.  See the steps below.  Or, call the Hotline: 1-855-388-4971. 

Questions?  See the FAQs tab on the website for more information.

Figure 1 – The website hyperlink leads here; “FAQs” & “Make a Report” tabs are at the top.


Figure 2 - Clicking on the “Make A Report” tab leads here.


Figure 3 – Scroll down to click the arrow for the "Research" section.

Figure 4 - Click on "Human or Animal Research" to begin a report.


Figure 5 - Clicking on "Human or Animal Research" arrow leads here.


Figure 6 - There's an option to submit a report and remain anonymous.