How to make an Animal Welfare Concern Report

Any person with direct knowledge or reasonable suspicions of any mistreatment of animals owned by Oregon State University is obligated to report them. 

Non-compliance or research integrity incidents are also expected to be reported by members of the OSU community.  As an additional reference, an NIH Memo addressing reportable incidents can be found here.

Timely reporting is essential to protect all animals involved and to aid in any investigation of allegations. If a person witnesses mistreatment or abuse, that person should immediately notify the contacts below so that the animal or animals involved can be evaluated and receive medical treatment as necessary.

Under normal circumstances, compliance issues should first be discussed with your supervisor and/or study personnel. Many compliance questions can be resolved informally within the department. However, if you suspect that your supervisor may be involved, if earlier reports have not been pursued, or if you are uncomfortable with reporting in person, you are encouraged to call or submit a form to one of the persons listed below.  If you want to remain anonymous, please type the incident information and mail it to any of the persons below.  Mark the envelope with “Confidential”.

There are a number of people to go to with a concern:

Please include the following information:

  • Complaint summary
  • Location of where incident occurred
  • Date and approximate time of incident
  • Name of individual(s) involved and protocol number if possible.

The Animal Welfare Act protects the rights of individuals reporting animal welfare concerns and prohibits discrimination against or reprisal for reporting violations of regulations or standards under the Animal Welfare Act.