Beginning a sponsored research application can be a daunting task.  We are here to help you through the process from idea creation to the proposal deadline.  All sponsored program applications will be submitted through the Cayuse proposal review process prior to submission to the sponsor.

Idea Creation

Generating an idea for a proposal can be the most difficult portion of obtaining a grant. When creating a concept, it is important to account for the type of sponsors and the funding opportunities available.

Determination of Sponsored Projects and Gifts

Private and non-profit sector organizations (associations, foundations and industry sponsors) can be either a sponsor or donor, depending on an award instrument.  The following links provide guidance, developed by Oregon State University and the Oregon State Foundation, on the determination of sponsored projects and gifts.

Principal Investigator Information

Principal Investigator Eligibility (see Research Office Policy 19-001)

Assistant Professors, Associate Professors, Professors, Research Associates, Instructors, Emeritus Faculty, Post Docs, and Courtesy Faculty may serve as Principal Investigators on a proposal. The information below is the university policy; however, a college may have a more restrictive policy.

  • Graduate students may not serve as Principal Investigators, but may serve as co-Principal Investigator on Sponsored Programs proposals. If a graduate student will become a Post Doc at OSU at the commencement of a proposal, the student can be listed as a Principal Investigator. However, this requires verification by the department through a letter indicating their appointment and start date. (Note: graduate students may not simultaneously be an OSU faculty member and an OSU graduate student (OAR 580-20-005). If an OSU unit violates this policy and hires a graduate student as an instructor (simultaneously), they may not serve as a principal investigator.)
  • Research Assistants and no-rank/courtesy faculty may not be Principal Investigators without departmental approval. Departmental approval will be documented by departmental approval of the Cayuse proposal.

Affiliate Faculty may not serve as Principal Investigators on proposals.

Additional Principal Investigator Information

Principal Investigator Transfers

All discretionary grants offered by the 26 federal grant-making agencies can be found on These can also be obtained through Cayuse.