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The Research Office is Now the Division of Research and Innovation

Effective January 23, 2024, the Oregon State University Research Office has been renamed the Division of Research and Innovation. This new name reflects the importance and impact of Oregon State’s research and innovation enterprise and also aligns with the goals of the university’s strategic plan, Prosperity Widely Shared, expanding research capacity for collaborative transdisciplinary discovery and engagement as well as placing a greater emphasis on innovation and economic development. On behalf of Dr. Irem Y. Tumer, Vice President for Research and Innovation, we look forward to advancing the research and innovation enterprise at OSU to the next level.

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With more than $480 million in competitive research grants and contracts in 2023, Oregon State continues to lead the way in practical, problem-solving research and innovation that improves lives, protects natural resources and drives economic growth to transform our future for the better.

The Division of Research and Innovation is dedicated to supporting research and innovation across Oregon State University, developing deep partnerships, and maximizing our impact.

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