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Cayuse New User Registration Form


Cayuse Sponsor / Subcontractor Registration Form 


F&A Waiver Form


NSF Fastlane/RESEARCH.GOV System Registration


NIH eCommons System Registration


New Subaward Request Form


Subaward Amendment Request Form  


Testing Services Activity Clearance Form


Cost Share from Outside Sources


Grants & Contracts Closeout Checkoff Sheet


OPAS  Pre-Award/Pending Index


OPAS  No-Cost Extension


Fly America Act


Foreign Travel Authorization


Request for Establishment of a Restricted Fund




Manual Personnel Activity Report 


Labor Distribution Form - DocuSign Template


Sea Pay Form Automatic: Estimates the amount days in the trip and automatically adds the value to the "Total Days of Cruise" field.  
Sea Pay Form Open: Estimates the amount days in the trip and keeps the "Total Days of Cruise" field open.  

Subrecipient Letter of Commitment




Facilities & Administration Information and Rates


OPE Information and Rates


Graduate Information and Fees


Postdoctoral Fellow Insurance



Applies when an employee has been at sea on a vessel while underway or at anchor (not docked) for greater than a period of 24 consecutive hours.

$75 per day