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OSRAA manages grants and contracts for the University as follows:

  • Receipt, review, and institutional acceptance of the official award document(s).
  • Establish a new grant assignment, including fund(s) and index(es), in the Banner Financial Information System which the PI can charge expenditures to, view details of, and check balances for the project.
  • Coordination with the PI, Business Center grant administrators, and funding agency staff to manage the award fiscally and administratively throughout the project period.
  • Preparation and filing of financial reports and the submission of periodic invoices according to award terms and conditions.
  • Monitoring of regulatory mandates and advisement to PIs regarding changes in agency and federal regulations and OSU policies on grant administration.
  • Liaison between PI and agency for administrative actions, including but not limited to no-cost extensions, budget revisions, grant transfers, and changes in key personnel.
  • Reconciliation of account for final close-out and the submission of final financial report and other final reporting including equipment disposition and invention reports to sponsor.

Account Creation & Setup

After OSRAA reviews, negotiates, and executes an award/agreement, award information is compiled for restricted finance and accounting establishment. An email announcement with an attached PI Letter that outlines some of the awards critical details listed above is emailed to the Principal Investigator (PI) and Business Center (BC).

OSU has two systems that work together to capture the award information and expenditures of sponsored funding: Banner and OnBase. Award information is entered into the Banner Financial Information system and a Grant record is created. PIs and Business Centers are notified when a grant record has been completed. Unless a pending index was requested and approved, project expenditures should not be made until the grant record has been announced and the PI has reviewed the award terms and conditions. PIs and BC administrators should review the system information in Banner and OnBase to become familiar with the new award’s terms and conditions.

For awards that allow pre-award spending, a Pending Index Request may be submitted to the OSRAA.

For awards with outgoing subrecipients, a Subaward Request Form must be completed and sent to Sponsored Programs. Consult OSRAA’s Outgoing Subawards page for subaward setup and administration.

Setup Holds Memo (PDF)

Award Administration & Management

Award Administration

Sponsored award administration is a shared responsibility between the PI, Business Center, and OSRAA. Successful management ensures compliance with award terms and conditions, sponsor specific regulations, and OSU policies and procedures.

PIs and Business Center administrators should review and reconcile expenditures posted against their sponsored accounts in Banner to ensure all project expenses are appropriately charged and are allowable, allocable, and directly benefit the project. If a project includes cost sharing or other associated accounts, these expenditures should also be tracked on a routine basis.

If an error is discovered, such as an incorrect amount or unallowable expense charged to the account, follow the guidance for initiating a cost-transfer. Cost transfers involving non-salary adjustments are done through a Journal Voucher (JV), while cost transfers involving salary are done through a Labor Distribution (LD). If a LD impacts previously certified effort, a project effort statement will need to be re-certified.


Once a grant is established in Banner, the appropriate payroll actions should be processed for each OSU employee to be paid on the project.

Cost Share

Cost share obligations outlined in the proposal and/or award documents must be managed, documented, and tracked through the allowable channels. Please consult with OSRAA for additional details as needed.

Subaward Establishment

Any subawards designated within the proposal must be approved by the agency at the time of the award. Subawards may be initiated at the start of the award by filling out and submitting a New Subaward Request Form to the OSRAA. Any additional changes made to the Subaward must be processed through OSRAA (Subaward Amendment Form).

Sponsor Payments

Most awards are made on a "cost-reimbursable" basis where OSU is reimbursed for actual expense incurred. This reimbursement usually takes place monthly by invoicing the sponsor or by drawing against a sponsor's letter of credit account. Some awards, usually from private sponsors, are funded by a payment schedule which may include some advance payment(s).

Occasionally, sponsors may send checks directly to a department or to a PI. Should the PI receive a sponsor’s check, he/she should deliver it to OSRAA along with any identifying information for deposit to the project account. Include with the check the envelope and all documents accompanying the check.

Award Modifications

Changes in Project Personnel or Effort of Current Personnel: Reductions of effort (>25% of proposed effort) may require sponsor approval. Contact OSRAA to determine if sponsor-approval is required.

Changes in Scope of Work/Deliverables: Changes in the scope of work or of project deliverables almost always require sponsor approval. If an investigator (OSU or subrecipient) is proposing a change to an approved scope of work or deliverables, contact OSRAA to initiate sponsor approval.

Budget Modifications: Modifications to the awarded budget may require sponsor approval, especially when a change in budget indicates a change in the scope of work. Contact OSRAA to determine if sponsor-approval is required.

No-Cost Extensions: Most sponsors require advance notice when a sponsored project cannot be completed in the timeframe originally specified in the award. Contact OSRAA as soon as the need for additional time has been identified and well before the project end date to avoid losing all or part of the project funding.