The Principal Investigator (PI) is responsible for all management and administration of the sponsored project outlined by the Sponsor and the Office for Sponsored Research and Award Administration (OSRAA).  The PI authorizes direct cost expenditures and is responsible for the review of all other project-related expenditures and cost transfers. Any charges that require the sponsor’s prior approval must first be submitted to OSRAA for institutional review and approval.

Business Centers provide consultative and collaborative financial, accounting, and administrative services and support to PIs ensuring that fiscal activities are processed according to OSU Fiscal Policy and as directed by the OSU Controller’s Office. 

Expense Verification Tool for Federally-Funded Sponsored Projects

The Expense Verification Tool was designed to provide a user-friendly interface to PIs to review expenses posted to their grants, identify inaccurate expenditures, and to communicate issues to their business center by tagging the items within the tool.  Use of the tool for federally-funded awards became mandatory on January 1, 2021.

For more information and resources about the Expense Verification Tool.

Financial Reports

To ensure compliance with federal regulations and other sponsors’ policies, terms and conditions regarding the timely submission of financial reports of expenditures, OSRAA is responsible for the preparation and submission of interim and final financial reports required for sponsored project awards.

The Financial Information System (FIS) represents the official record supporting all required financial statements. OSRAA is responsible for ensuring that reported expenditures are authorized and allowable under terms of the award and are in accordance with OSU, sponsor policy, and OMB Circular 2 CFR Part 200 (also known as Uniform Guidance).

OSRAA has the authority to request documentation in support of any questioned charge, as well as authority to exclude from any financial billing or reporting all costs deemed to be questionable and/or unsupported.

Effort Reporting/Certification – Personnel Activity Reporting (PAR) System

The personnel activity reporting system is OSU’s method of verifying employee effort on sponsored awards. One activity report is generated for each person with effort posted to sponsored project and/or cost share indexes.

OSU processes personnel activity reports on a calendar quarter basis. The PI reviews and certifies their effort and may also be involved in certifying effort for student employees working on their award.

OMB Circulars 2 CFR Part 200 and A-110 and various sections of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) prescribe the administrative systems requirements and costing practices for Institutions of Higher Education as they relate to federal assistance programs and federal procurement programs.

Award Closeout

The sponsored project closeout period is OSU’s opportunity to ensure that all project deliverables are met, administrative actions are documented, and all financial transactions are confirmed to be allowable and allocable to the project.

Closeout is a shared responsibility between the PI, Business Center and OSRAA, as activities include numerous administrative and financial actions and submission of the final technical deliverables as required by the sponsoring agency. Financial closeout includes ensuring that charges posted to the award reflect the allocable financial cost that supported completion of the project scope of work, submission of all financial reporting to the sponsor, and closing the award in OSU’s financial system.

Once the PI and Business Center confirm final expenditures and financial transactions, OSRAA will complete and submit required final financial reports and/or invoice. Final financial documents required by the sponsor may include:

  • Final Financial Report or Invoice
  • Final Cost Sharing Report
  • Final Program Income Report
  • Award Release and Contractor's Release

Technical closeout of the award includes meeting all programmatic requirements of the project scope of work and submitting to the sponsor all final technical reports and deliverables outlined in the sponsored award. Sponsors may require some combination of documents from OSU to confirm completion of the project. These may include:

  • Final Technical/Performance Report or other special deliverables required by award
  • Invention Statement or Patent Report
  • Equipment Statement, which may include request for release of accountability or physical transfer of equipment from sponsoring agency

Although the PI is primarily responsible for the technical reporting and deliverables, other technical and final financial documents often require collaboration between OSRAA, the PI and Business Center.

Closeout activities must be performed according to the sponsor’s deadline stated in the award and/or PI Letter from OSRAA. Closeout deadlines vary by sponsored award and failure to complete closeout within the designated period may reflect poorly on the institution and puts OSU at risk of absorbing project costs not reimbursed by a sponsor. Additionally, some sponsors will withhold future awards or continuation funds for other OSU projects when prior closeout requirements are incomplete or not in compliance with the sponsor’s terms and conditions. For more information and resources about the Closeout Process see the Closeout of Sponsored Awards Policy and Guidelines on the Training and Policies page (link).