Leadership Team

Dr. Irem Y. Tumer
Vice President for Research and Innovation

Jennifer Creighton
Associate Vice President for
Research Administration, Finance & Operations

Brian Wall
Associate Vice President of
Research Innovation for Economic Impact

Dr. Anthony Koppers
Associate Vice President for Research
Advancement and Strategy

Dr. Christopher Viggiani
Associate Vice President for Research Integrity

Dr. Robert (Bob) Cowen
Associate Vice President for Research,
Hatfield Marine Science Center


Our offices are dedicated to supporting your research and innovation, as well as maximizing its impact across the University, through the state of Oregon and beyond.

OSU Advantage (formerly OCCD)

Brings together unparalleled, holistic resources and activities to maximize OSU’s impact. We:

  • Offer and connect to a wide range of resources supporting innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Develop intellectual property protection strategies
  • Support the development of high-growth companies through tailored programing and aligned funding
  • Execute research, confidentiality, material transfer, licensing, and other industry agreements
  • Provide access to unique tooling and development opportunities aligned with advanced technologies and manufacturing.

Office of Research Integrity (ORI)
Ensures compliance with ethical and legal responsibilities in research involving animal care and use, biosafety, chemical safety, scientific diving and boating, radiation safety,  and conflict of interest. ORI includes the Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), Institutional Review Board (IRB), Conflict of Interest (COI), Scientific Boating and Scientific Diving.

Office for Sponsored Research and Award Administration (OSRAA)
Central responsibility for proposal submission for sponsored research, scholarship, instructional and other activities, and research compliance as it relates to sponsored activities. Functions include proposal review, monitoring institutional compliance with terms and conditions, official institutional signatory, policy and procedure development, training, compliance activities related to research administration, and general funding opportunity assistance.

Office for Research Advancement

Research Advancement provides strategic research development support to faculty.  The office supports planning for large or transdisciplinary initiatives, conducts faculty grant training, coordinates “limited submission" opportunities,  and manages internal funding such as the Research Equipment Reserve Fund program.

Research in Colleges, Centers and Institutes
With a transdisciplinary approach to addressing the world’s pressing issues, OSU researchers collaborate to advance the science of sustainable earth ecosystems; improve human health and wellness; and promote economic growth and social progress.

Centers and Institutes

The university’s research centers and institutes bring together scientists from multiple fields of study for joint research projects clustered around the university’s three priority areas.

Major Areas of Emphasis

Learn more about accessing a range of priority resources and information led and supported by the Research Office.