OSU Policies Regarding UAS

OSU Offical Use Policy 

OSU Recreational Use Policy 

OSU Standard Operating Procedure - DRAFT for review

OSU is committed to working with and complying with the current FAAs rules on UAS use for public entities. Anyone flying for the university must comply with both the policies set for by OSU and the FAA.

FAA Policies

The FAA classifies all UAS operations under a university as public aircraft use. By classifying UAS as aircraft the FAA holds the university to the same rules and regulations that it would for a school wishing to operate a manned aircraft. More information about public aircraft operations can be found here:

Advisory Circular 00-1.1A – Public Aircraft Operations

Summary of Small Unmanned Aircraft Rule (Part 107)


International Drone Policies

Many countries have simular drone policies to the United States, however there are some differences you need to be aware of if operating outside the US. Follow this link for an overview of drone laws by country: https://www.heliguy.com/blog/2016/06/14/heliguys-guide-to-global-drone-regulations/