CITI - Guide to Getting Started at Oregon State University (with screenshots) (.docx) 



Log into your OSU-affiliated CITI account with your ONID credentials.



If you are new to CITI Program, you will need to register through OSU to create your account.

See also: CITI - Guide to Getting Started (linked above). This document contains additional registration details and screenshots.

If you are prompted to choose your institution during registration, choose “Oregon State University (SSO)". 

On the following screen, if you are given a choice between creating a username and password or continuing to SSO Login, choose "Continue to SSO Login/Instructions".


CHOOSING CITI COURSES to add to your account:

After creating a CITI account, you will be presented with a series of course enrollment questions that cover all courses offered by OSU.  Each question has one or more courses associated with it, and this is where you will choose the courses you need.

If you already have a CITI account and need to add a course, scroll down to the Learner Tools section and click "Add a Course".  This will take you to the course enrollment questions.  Note that some of the enrollment questions will require a response from you.

To add the COI course to your account, click “Yes” to the question "Do you need to take the Conflicts of Interest course?"

If you do not need to add any courses associated with a particular question, you may answer “No” or “Not at this time” and move to the next question.  Answer every question that requires a response, and at the bottom of the page, click “Submit”.  Your CITI registration is complete after you click "Submit". 

You will then land on CITI’s “Courses” webpage.  Look for your newly added course(s) in the section "Courses Ready to Begin".

If you know you are required to take a particular course, but are unsure about which one you need, then contact the corresponding Office of Research Integrity unit for clarification.

If you find you have multiple CITI accounts, please contact CITI Support so your account information and coursework can be merged into a single account. Multiple accounts can cause failures in accounting for your previous work.



Click the course title to begin (or continue where you left off previously).

As with all CITI courses, you must first complete the Integrity Assurance Statement. You will not be able to start the course until you have clicked "accept" where indicated.

Quiz Scores:

Most courses require a specific minimum passing grade that is determined by your quiz scores.  For OSU’s Conflicts of Interest course, a score of 100% is required for each of the first three quizzes.  If you do not achieve a passing score on a quiz, you are encouraged to retake it right away, prior to starting the next section.

Successful Completion of a CITI Course: 

When you complete and pass a course, you will land on a page that says "Congratulations!" and provides options for next steps.  You will also receive an automated email about course completion within 24 hours.


CITI References and Assistance:

  • CITI has a “Getting Started” guide and video, available here.
  • CITI Program customer support information is available here:
  • If you need to merge multiple CITI accounts, please refer to the CITI website FAQs or call their Customer Support group for assistance.