Research Made Easier: Welcome to a Better Way to Submit Research COI Disclosures

The Research Office is excited to offer a better user experience for submitting research-based disclosures related to external financial interests.


Please note: You will be presented with a choice between the "Research-based Disclosure" and the "Annual Disclosure".  Choose the Research-based Disclosure form.  The Annual Disclosure is not currently in use, and will redirect you back to the Research-based Disclosure.


Also note that this Cayuse login is different than the login and website currently used for Cayuse sponsored programs (SP & 424) proposals. (


Learn more about this transition and see our Instructions & FAQs webpage.

If you are unable to log in to Cayuse Platform, contact the OSU Help Desk by submitting a support ticket or calling 7-8787. You will receive assistance within 24 hours.


There are two research COI program requirements that must remain current:

1. Investigators must complete the research-based Conflicts of Interest training course, available online at CITI.  Once completed, this course expires after 4 years. Investigators must update their COI training in CITI prior to expiration, if they intend to remain active in OSU-affiliated research activities. A CITI Guide to Getting Started is available for the OSU community here.


2. Investigators must complete the research-based disclosure form in the Cayuse Platform. Investigators must review, update as necessary, and submit a new research-based disclosure no less than annually, if they intend to remain active in OSU-affiliated research activities and programs. Additional information about these requirements is available in the Policy on Financial Conflicts of Interest in Research.