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This checklist is intended to assist incoming faculty in their preparations to initiate research-related activities at OSU. Please review all relevant areas below and contact the related units as appropriate. This checklist is for your reference and does not need to be returned to the Research Office or Environmental Health and Safety.

All links in this checklist can be accessed from the Research Office homepage.

Office for Sponsored Research and Award Administration (OSRAA)

OSRAA helps researchers navigate complex federal and non-federal sponsor requirements by reviewing proposals, negotiating awards, setting up project accounts, and invoicing and collecting awarded funds. OSRAA also assists with agency audits and federal financial reporting requirements.

  • Register with OSU's proposal system: Cayuse
  • Register/update applicable agency proposal submission systems (i.e.,NSF Fastlane)
  • Transfer grants

Review proposal submission process and available support:

Contact OSRAA Proposal Team
(541) 737-4933

Office for Research Development (ORD)

The Office for Research Development (ORD) serves as a link between research and research administration to promote, support, strengthen, and grow the research enterprise at OSU. Working with faculty, administration staff, and leadership partners, the ORD works to increase institutional competitiveness, create research relationships, and foster innovation.

  • Find Limited Submission information
  • Sign up to receive a monthly newsletter announcing Limited Submission deadlines and other highlighted funding opportunities (right hand menu bar)
  • Contact pre/post award proposal development support staff within your College or contact Research Development for assistance

Contact Research Development
(541) 737-1755

Oregon State University Advantage (Advantage Office)

The OSU Advantage team brings together unparalleled, holistic resources and activities to maximize OSU’s impact. We:

  • Offer and connect to a wide range of resources supporting innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Develop intellectual property protection strategies
  • Support the development of high-growth companies through tailored programing and aligned funding
  • Execute research, confidentiality, material transfer, licensing, and other industry agreements
  • Provide access to unique tooling and development opportunities aligned with advanced technologies and manufacturing.

Two key initial steps include:

  • Ensure that material transfer agreements (MTAs) are in place to enable you to bring your research materials or innovation to OSU, as required by your previous employer
  • Establish inter-institutional agreements to facilitate your continued use of innovation developed by you at another institution and any ongoing related commercialization efforts

Contact the Advantage Office
(541) 737-3888

Office of Research Integrity (ORI)

Several of the ORI units require researchers to complete online training modules on the CITI Program website, and submit applications and disclosure forms through a web-based submission system called iRIS.

Ethics and compliance courses on the CITI Program website

  • Log in to CITI using your OSU single sign-on credentials
  • Contact CITI Support (888.529.5929) if you have more than one OSU-affiliated CITI account, so they can merge your accounts using your OSU single sign-on credentials.

iRIS online submission system

  • Log in to iRIS using your OSU single sign-on credentials
  • Create your profile in iRIS and upload your CV or resume
  • If you need access to additional forms, contact the appropriate unit below for assistance.

Cayuse Platform online submission system (starting with RCOI in late April 2022)

  • Log in to Cayuse Platform using your OSU single sign-on credentials
  • Review your profile in Cayuse Platform
  • If you need access to additional Platform areas or forms, contact the appropriate unit below for assistance.
Research Conflicts Of Interest

The Research COI program office assists Investigators with federal, state, and university requirements, review, and management of potential or actual financial conflicts of interest associated with research.

  • Complete the Research Conflicts of Interest course in CITI at least once every four years
  • Complete your initial Research-based Disclosure form in Cayuse Platform within 30 days of qualifying as an active Investigator
  • Update your research COI disclosure form:
    • no less than annually
    • within 30 days of acquiring a new external financial interest

Contact the Research COI Program Office
(541) 737-2762

Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) & Institutional Review Board (IRB)

The Human Research Protection Program and IRB support OSU’s commitment to research by working to protect the rights and welfare of human subjects who participate in research and by assisting the OSU community in ensuring compliance with the standards set forth in the federal regulations.

  • Make an appointment with an HRPP staff member for pre-submission advising. See the HRPP website for information about training and support services.
  • Complete the OSU Training in the Ethical Use of Humans in Research courses in CITI
  • Review the pre-submission steps for preparing an initial submission.
  • Work with the PI to submit a project revision form through iRIS if you will be added as a study team member to an existing OSU study
  • Transferring previously approved studies to OSU by taking the following steps:
  • Log in to iRIS and begin a new application. Within the first few sections of the application, you can provide information about which IRB will oversee the study.
  • Update the status of any studies that you have registered on ClinicalTrials.gov, including the Contact/Location section of the each record to reflect the new institution.

Contact HRPP
(541) 737-8008

Animal Program Office (APO) & Institutional Animal Care And Use Committee (IACUC)

The Animal Program Office provides administrative support and subject matter expertise for the IACUC and for OSU employees and students conducting research, teaching, or testing activities with vertebrate animals. 

  • Contact the Animal Program Office prior to submission of new IACUC protocols.
  • Contact the Attending Veterinarian and LARC to determine necessary support for animal care and/or housing activities.
  • Complete IACUC protocol participant requirements. The Animal Program Office can be contacted to determine the status of pending requirements.
  • Visit iRIS to familiarize yourself with the online protocol submission and management system.

Contact APO
(541) 737-8556

Scientific Diving

All persons conducting scientific diving under the auspices of Oregon State University (OSU) must be authorized to do so and have their dive plans approved by the OSU Diving and Boating Safety Officer (DBSO) and the Diving Control Board (DCB).

  • Contact DBSO upon arrival for review of AAUS dive status and planned underwater activities
  • Obtain diving approval from OSU DCB
  • Review OSU Scientific Diving Checklist

Contact DBSO
(541) 737-6893

Scientific Boating

Any person utilizing small boats (motorized or non-motorized) for research or educational activities under the auspices of OSU must meet OSU standards and policies and have their boating projects approved by the OSU Diving and Boating Safety Officer (DBSO) or designee.

  • Contact DBSO upon arrival for review of SBSA boating status and planned boating activities
  • Obtain boating approval from OSU Small Boat Safety Office
  • Review OSU Scientific Boating Checklist

Contact DBSO
(541) 737-6893

Office of Export Controls and International Compliance

International Collaboration across borders in the lab may trigger federal export regulations. The government has increased oversight on the flow of federally funded research overseas. Transparency and disclosure are key to ensure compliance with export controls.

  • Contact Export Control and International Compliance if you have questions about conducting your research overseas when taking/shipping technology and sharing information with non-US persons.
  • If you have Dept. of Defense or Dept. of Energy funds further disclosure will be required. Please contact the office for further support to meet these new requirements.
  • If you accept restrictions on publication of your research, it is likely you will need a technology control plan. Please visit: https://research.oregonstate.edu/export
  • Please be alert for any research information labeled Controlled Unclassified Information or “CUI” this information requires further Cyber requirements, please reach out to your College IT office for additional support.

Contact Export Control
(541) 737-0647

Unmanned Systems Initiative

The use of aerial drones is controlled by the FAA. You will need to operate under a Part 107 license unless mission is pre-arranged with the Research Office.

  • All flights must be individually logged online for annual reporting.
  • All equipment must be registered with FAA.
  • OSU provides free training for OSU student and staff for the FAA pilot license.

Contact the Office of Research Integrity
(541) 737-0663

Program for Responsible Research Practices

This program collaborates with the OSU community to facilitate compliance with federal requirements and alignment with professional standards in two primary areas: responsible conduct of research and research misconduct.

  • Visit the program website for resources or to learn about RCR training requirements associated with your federal award
  • Request that your RCR or research ethics course be listed as a resource
  • Request guidance related to data ownership
  • Contact the Research Integrity Officer to discuss concerns about research data fabrication, falsification, or plagiarism

Contact PRRP
(541) 737-9502

Environmental Health & Safety

Environmental Health & Safety assists researchers with their safety programs by providing support across many areas, including: respiratory protection, hazardous waste, and occupational, biological, radiation, fire and life, fieldwork, and laser safety.

Contact EH&S
(541) 737-2273

Oregon State University Foundation

OSU Foundation manages relationships between the university and private contributors, including individuals and private grant-making organizations.

  • Make an appointment to meet with OSU Foundation’s Office of Foundation Relations to learn about resources available for grant seekers.
  • Describe your research focus to Foundation Relations staff and the development officer assigned to your unit to match research focus to potential funders.
  • Create a login to the GrantForward funding opportunity database

Contact the Office of Foundation Relations
(541) 737-4218