Active Initiatives

By land, sea and air, Oregon State University researchers are bringing highly advanced science, engineering and technology to urgent problems facing Earth and its inhabitants. Climate change, for example, puts unprecedented stresses on rivers, aquifers, estuaries and oceans. The effects are felt across every community and economy — from coastal fishermen to urban restaurateurs, from cattle ranchers to suburban shoppers, from fruit growers to the pickers, packers, canners and truckers who bring the produce to consumers.

Next-generation technologies are urgently needed to help secure a sound environment and a prosperous economy. To those ends, two broad, multidisciplinary initiatives are underway at Oregon State:

underwater glider

Unmanned Systems

Unmanned systems are a new platform for innovation and commercial activity, as well as a research tool. Oregon State is a member of the Pan-Pacific Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Test Range Complex, one of six FAA-approved test range areas.

scuba diving

Marine Studies

Oregon State University has launched a Marine Studies Initiative, a new model to address emerging issues and challenges facing Oregon and the globe.