Susanne Brander, Ph.D. Associate Professor
College of Agricultural Sciences

I’m an ecotoxicologist committed to understanding effects of pollutants and climate change on aquatic life. I collaborate with scientists in the disciplines of toxicology, marine ecology and oceanography and am part of science to policy efforts that limit global impacts.


Christo Buizert, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences

I am a paleoclimate researcher seeking a deep understanding of Earth’s changing climate on all time scales. I collaborate with modelers, experimentalists and engineers to help society predict and adapt to future changes. 


Hilary Boudet, Ph.D. Associate Professor
College of Liberal Arts

I am a social scientist who engages with engineers and natural scientists to better understand public perceptions and responses to energy development, consumption, and climate change. I am committed to applied scholarship that engages young people and communities.


James Watson, Ph.D. Associate Professor
College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences

I'm a complexity scientist solving problems at the intersection of computer science, ecology, economics and environmental science. I collaborate with entrepreneurs, designers and artists to help develop technologies that bolster the resilience of communities to emerging existential risks.


Katherine McLaughlin, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
College of Science

I am an applied statistician working with agricultural science and public health experts to design and implement targeted, efficient sampling and data analysis strategies to promote the wellbeing of local communities.


Kyriakos Stylianou, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
College of Science

I am a chemist specializing in the synthesis of functional materials; I am always excited to collaborate with scientists with different backgrounds to advance research and provide solutions to pressing issues like environmental pollution and disease treatment.


Rajat Panwar, Ph.D. Associate Professor 
College of Forestry

I am a business management scholar committed to catalyze business contribution to  environmental and social sustainability. I collaborate with social and natural scientists to find solutions that can transform business enterprises and make them more sustainable. Currently I am focused on forest-based carbon markets, biodiversity financing, and supply-chain transparency.    


Tenisha Tevis, Ph.D. Assistant Professor 
College of Education

I am a higher education scholar who translates major concepts and ideas related to DEI into practice. I desire to expand my efforts by working across disciplines to create a tool to demonstrate the relevancy and broads impacts of slavery contemporarily in the United States.  


Yelda Turkan, Ph.D. Associate Professor 
College of Engineering

I am a civil engineer partnering with computer scientists to tackle challenges associated with planning, monitoring, and controlling construction operations, and improving the resiliency and sustainability of the Built Environment.