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Bridge funding

The bridge funding pool seeks to assist faculty who are between externally funded research grants. A principal investigator is responsible for applying to the Research Office if they are seeking financial support from this pool. PIs will need to demonstrate a record of sponsored research awards and expenditures, define the critical bridging needed, describe the plan and timeline for securing new external funding, and secure the approval of their department and college leadership.

Awards from the pool will be made through a review process managed by the Research Office.





In general, be made for no more than 12 months at a time. 

Awards will typically be at least $50,000 and no more than $120,000.

Criteria for evaluation will include:

  • Recent record of sponsored research awards and expenditures that are significant for the discipline including an assessment of indirect cost recovery.
  • Program staffing or infrastructure which is difficult to start or stop (maintaining model organisms for example), which has a critical need for continuous operation, or which includes staff with unique knowledge or skills required over several years.
  • Role of the program in the advancing the research portfolio and strategy of the college, center, or institute as well as OSU’s strategic plan.
  • Evidence that continuing external funding can be secured.
  • Prior application history.  PIs may apply more than once but applications for the same program will rarely be funded more than two years in a row.

Any unallocated funds in a given year will be carried forward into the next year.  Any allocated funds that are unused at the end of the award period will be returned to the central bridge funding pool.


Suggestions about improving this process may be submitted to Heather Horn (heather.horn@oregonstate.edu), Sherm Bloomer (sherman.bloomer@oregonstate.edu), and Jennifer Creighton (Jennifer.Creighton@oregonstate.edu).

This is a new program at OSU and it is expected the process and guidelines will be reviewed and improved as experience is gained with the concept.  This initial process will be implemented in fall quarter 2022.