Oregon State University grants and contracts totaled $439.7 million in the 2019 fiscal year. As Oregon’s land grant university, OSU conducts research from basic science to projects inspired by the needs of businesses and the public. For example, with funding from the state Legislature, OSU researchers are gathering data on the nesting behavior of a threatened seabird, the marbled murrelet. The goal is to inform forest harvesting practices that protect the species, which spends most of its life at sea and nests up to 50 miles inland in large trees.

Number of Proposals

Summary of Proposals FY19

Awards by Year

Summary of Awards FY19

Awards by Sponsor Type

awards by sponsor type FY19

Competitive funds from federal agencies comprised 67 percent of OSU research funding. Land-grant funding from the state and federal governments account for 21 percent, and industry contributed 13 percent. Additional funds came from foundations, nonprofit organizations and state, local and foreign governments.

Licensing Incomes

Licensing Income FY19

In FY19, business payments to license patented technologies for product development reached almost $4.4 million.

Industry Revenue

Industry Revenue FY19

Contributing to more than $36 million in industry funding were grants and contracts for research, product testing, licenses and royalties for the use of patented technologies.