The Export Control and International Compliance Office's Objective

The Export Control and International Compliance Office supports Oregon State University researchers, faculty, students, and staff navigate export controls and international regulations. Our goal is to ensure compliance while managing the impact on your academic activities!

Oregon State University is committed to providing training, guidance, and support to ensure compliance in a way that advances research and academic achievement on campus and around the world. Our office was established to help the OSU community navigate the complex environment of export regulations and international laws.

Does OSU Export?

Oregon State University exports every day. Every time we ship or travel internationally with equipment, technology, hardware, software, materials, or technical data, we export. We also export ideas, technology, and technical data through innovation, creation, and sharing with foreign students, staff, and visitors on campus and in our research labs (this is referred to as a “deemed” export.) OSU is a truly global institution!

Why it matters, U.S. Export Control Regulations:

The United States has regulations that restrict the transfer of certain items and information outside of the country or to foreign nationals within the U.S. The scope of these regulations is broad: they cover exports in virtually all fields of science, engineering, and technology, but are not limited to just these. Export control laws apply to other university activities, not just research.

Export control law violations have significant fines and/or criminal penalties related to them. The Export Control and International Compliance Office staff is here to support the OSU community to ensure no one inadvertently violates these complex rules.  If in doubt, please reach out to the office for advice and assistance with your international efforts. We are here to support your learning, discovery, and innovation!

Contact Information:

Export Compliance Officer
Mallory Day