The IACUC module of iRIS, an online research administration system, is the current platform for submitting forms to the IACUC for review.  This system has replaced the use of Word document files for the submission of new protocols and associated amendments, annual reports, incident reports, and exemption requests.

To access iRIS, please use the following link:

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iRIS SOPs and Guidance Documents:

New protocols submitted as Word documents are no longer accepted.

To modify or report on protocols currently approved in Word document format, please use the Word document templates below.  Word document protocols will remain active until they are renewed in iRIS or until the three-year expiration date, whichever occurs first.

  • Amendment Form
    This form is used to modify an approved protocol.
  • Participant Amendment (revised May, 2020)
    To add or delete a participant on a protocol, please complete and submit to IACUC.  
  • Final Report Form (revised May, 2020)
    Use this form to request closure of a protocol.
  • Owner Consent Form
    Use this form to document owner consent for animal participation on a protocol.
  • PI-managed Housing Supplement
    Use this form to request approval for use of a PI-managed housing location.

Help for writing IACUC protocol submissions 

Writing Clear Animal Activity Proposals (Pinson 2011)

Sample Participant Training Records

Students in Classes using Live Animals

Students have a right to be informed about hazards they may encounter, and measures to protect themselves while pursuing their education.  There are potential risks associated with animal activities.  For additional information, contact Occupational Health Services.  A summary handout is provided here.

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