This instruction is provided for OSU employees and affiliates who seek to complete one or more compliance training course(s) hosted on the CITI Program website.

OSU sponsors this training resource for the following compliance areas:

  • Human Subjects Research (IRB)
  • Animal Care and Use (IACUC)
  • Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)
  • Conflicts of Interest (COI)
  • Export Controls

Go to CITI’s login page.

To complete and submit a form or protocol for one of the above compliance areas in iRIS.

Go to the Office of Research Integrity (ORI) website.

CITI Program - Guide to Getting Started

Feb 6, 2020

This Guide provides instructions on how to create an account, affiliate with your institution, select and begin courses, and describes documentation of training once completed. This content is also available in a video version.


  1. Logging In to CITI
  2. Your Institutional Affiliation(s) (Oregon State University)
  3. Viewing and Modifying Your Courses
  4. Starting and Completing Your Courses
  5. Sharing Your Completed Course Documentation
  6. Your Personal Information
  7. Getting Help/CITI Support

1. Creating an Account / Logging in to CITI

If you are new to CITI Program, you will need to register to create your account, then affiliate your account with Oregon State University

Note: As an OSU affiliate, you will not need to pay for your CITI account.

Go to, and click on the “REGISTER” tab:

Do not choose “Log In Through My Institution” from the initial login page shown above.  You will affiliate your account with OSU later in the registration process.

To register for an account, you’ll need to provide your own username and password, and an email address to affiliate with your CITI account. 

Please use your “” email address. 

Don’t have one?


During the CITI Registration process, you will be presented with a series of questions about each compliance area offered by OSU.  Each question has one or more courses associated with it, and this is where you will choose your courses.

For example, to add the COI course to your account, respond “Yes” to the following:

If you do not need to add any courses listed under a particular question, you can choose to answer “No” or “Not at this time” and move to the next question.  Answer every question that requires a response, then click “Submit”.

Note that you can also remove or add courses later, as needed.

If you know you are required to take a particular course, but are unsure about which one you need, then contact that OSU office for clarification.

You can find those OSU contacts here

The registration process is complete after you add one or more courses to your account.  You will then land on CITI’s “Courses” webpage.

Go to Step 2: Your Institutional Affiliations


If you already have an account with CITI, click on the “LOG IN” tab and enter your username and password.

If you forgot your CITI Program username or password, use the "Forgot?" links to recover your account credentials via email. If you need additional assistance, please contact CITI Support.

If you find you have multiple CITI accounts, please contact CITI Support so your accounts can be merged into a single account.

2. Your Institutional Affiliation(s) - Oregon State University

After you login, you’ll land on CITI’s "Courses" page:

If you are a new user, click “Add Institutional Affiliation” under “Welcome, [your name]”, and choose “OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY”:

If you wish to remove an institution on your page, click Remove an Affiliation.

Note: If you remove an institution, you will still have access to records of courses completed for that institution; however, you will not be able to take any new courses for that institution.

3. Viewing and Modifying your Courses


Click “View Courses” to see a list of courses for that that are filtered for your institution. You can clear the filter or change it to see other courses.  The course list is divided into “Active Courses” (courses you have started), “Courses Ready to Begin” (courses you have chosen, but not yet started), and “Completed Courses”.


Now, scroll down to the Learner Tools section.  

The Learner Tool links provide you with course options for your institution:

  • Add a Course takes you to a series of course enrollment questions for each available compliance area, and this is where you can choose additional courses to add to your account.  Note that most questions require an answer

For example, to add the COI course to your account, respond “Yes” to the following question:

If you do not want to take the course, you may choose “No” or “Not at this time” and move on to the next question.  Don’t forget to click “Submit” at the end!

  • Remove a Course takes you to your current course list, allowing you to de-select any that are not appropriate for you.
  • View Previously Completed Coursework allows you to see your past scores, view course expiration dates, and print-view-share completion records. 
  • Update Institution Profile allows you to update your institution-specific details, such as your institutional ID or employee number, email, department, role in research, etc.
  • View Instructions Page provides institution-specific information, if your institution has provided it.
  • Remove Affiliation allows you to remove the institutional affiliation.

4. Starting and Completing Your Courses

Click the title of a course to begin or continue that course.

  • First, you must complete the Integrity Assurance Statement.  The system will not allow you to start the course modules until you have clicked "accept" where indicated.
  • Quiz Scores: Most courses require a specific minimum passing grade that is determined by your quiz scores.

For OSU’s Conflicts of Interest course, a score of 100% is required for each required section.

  • If you do not achieve a passing score on a quiz, you are encouraged to retake it right away, prior to moving to the next section.
  • When you successfully pass the course, you will be presented with a menu of options for what to do next:


5. Sharing Your Completed Course Documentation

CITI Program offers two kinds of documentation to reflect successful course completion: Completion Reports and Completion Certificates.

Both are available from the Records tab:

  • Completion Reports are "transcripts" that include all quiz scores.

Part 1 shows scores at the time you completed and passed the course. Part 2 reflects any subsequent quiz attempts.

  • Completion Certificates are "diplomas" that do not include quiz scores. They are more suitable for sharing on public sites such as LinkedIn.

Each Completion Report and Completion Certificate has a unique "verify" link that you can send to others to share your results (or use for online posting).

For some institutions, a copy of the Completion Report will be automatically sent to an administrator via email, or provided in an automated data transfer.

However, this is not always the case, so you can use the View-Print-Share or Share Link buttons as needed, to send a copy of a Report or Certificate to your administrator or supervisor.

6. Updating Your Personal Information

We collect your profile information and affiliate it with the courses you complete in CITI, on behalf of CITI Program and your sponsoring institution.

These data are stored in your account "Profiles."

You can change or update your information by clicking on the down-arrow icon next to your name, and then clicking on “Profiles”:

7. Getting Help/CITI Support

You can contact the CITI Support Group at any time by clicking on the Support tab and filling out the email request form.

Phone support is also available at 888.529.5929

Mon - Fri, 8:30 a.m. - 7:30 p.m., U.S. Eastern Time

Questions regarding your institution’s training requirements should be addressed to your institution's training contact.