The HRPP recognizes one Principal Investigator (PI) for each study. The PI is ultimately responsible for the conduct of the entire study and all study team members. If a protocol requires skills beyond those held by the PI, the IRB may require that the PI include one or more additional qualified persons as study team members to provide such skills.

OSU unclassified employees with the following appointments may serve as a Principal Investigator (PI), if they are otherwise sufficiently qualified to conduct and oversee the research:

  • Academic Teaching and Research Faculty (including Instructors and Senior Instructors)
  • Previously tenured faculty members who have relinquished tenure and who hold academic wage appointments (not to exceed three years past the date of tenure relinquishment.)
  • Non-teaching Administrative and Professional Faculty.
  • USGS and ODFW Leaders in the Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit

OSU employees with the following appointments are not permitted to serve as the PI on a study involving human subjects:

  • Unclassified hourly
  • Academic wage appointment other than those associated with tenure relinquishment.
  • Classified employees
  • Temporary Support Staff
  • Training and Student Appointments: Student, Graduate Assistant, Postdoctoral Scholar, Clinical Fellow
  • Unpaid: Affiliate, Courtesy, Emeritus, Postdoctoral Fellow, Graduate Fellow, and Visiting Faculty not paid by OSU

Some exceptions may be made for Research Associates who are no longer Postdoctoral Scholars (trainees) and faculty who are granted Courtesy Faculty appointments prior to their permanent contract start date. Please contact the HRPP if you have questions.