How to Place an Animal Order

1. Log into:

2. Using the Study Assistant Workspace open the study for which you would like to order animals.

My Workspaces > Study Assistant > View My Studies
Click the “notepad” icon for the study associated with the animal order

3. One or more “Cost Centers” must be entered for your approved protocol. This is the index number
+/- activity code that will be used for billing.

Open the Study Management tab

Open the Study Accounts option under “Finance Set-up”

Open Add a New Cost Center

Enter a Cost Center Number, which is your Index number and Activity code that LARC will use for billing.

Click Save Changes to save the Cost Center

Click the Back button (circled above) twice to navigate back to your Study Management tab.  Note: Using the browser’s “back” button for navigation is generally not recommended while  working in iRIS modules.

IMPORTANT: If there aren’t any Cost Centers for the study you will not be able to place or even save your order!

4. Open a new Order

Navigate to the Animal Management tab for the study

Open a new order request by clicking on Add a New Order

5. Fill out the order request. Most of the fields are self-explanatory with a few exception highlighted below.

6. Once you have completed the request, click Save and Continue to Next Section at the top of the form.

7. Submit the request by clicking Signoff and Submit on the next page.

8. The form will then be routed to the PI to sign off on the order. An email notification will notify the PI that the order was requested. When the PI logs into iRIS there will be task to sign off on the order.

To review the request before signing off click on the request (circled below). You can also edit the request before approving. When you are ready to confirm the order select Approve and then click Save Signoff. You also have the option to Deny a request if desired.

9. LARC will place the order as requested. Once animals are ordered the confirmation number will be added and the order confirmation will be uploaded. Research personnel can track the progress of their orders and review the attached confirmation documentation in the Animal Management tab.