The Office for Research Development (ORD)  manages the Research Equipment Reserve Fund program, and coordination of “limited submission" opportunities. 

Internal submission deadlines are determined by the Office for Research Development. To allow lead time to develop a proposal, the internal deadline is set 6 - 10 weeks prior to the agency letter of intent date, or 6 - 10 weeks prior to the agency submission deadline—whichever comes first. The 6-10 week schedule allows time for campus wide notification, review committees, and proposal development.  Due to the number of programs, it is not possible to provide an all-inclusive list. Pre-award questions not addressed or opportunities not listed may be directed to the Office for Research Development –

ORD developed draft guidelines for the internal review process.  Please click on this LINK to download the document, or here for the website page.


Questions -


Limited Submission Opportunities - Comprehensive List

Program Title Sponsorsort ascending ORD Internal Deadline Agency Preproposal or LOI Deadline Agency Deadline Status Limit per Institution Important Notes