When a grant is transferred from one institution to another, there are several steps to the process.

The Principal Investigator is responsible for the following actions to initiate a transfer:

  1. Obtain approval from their current institution to relinquish the grant. Because awards are made to the institution and not to individual researchers or scholars, there must be agreement to relinquish the grant. The PI, their department head and their dean must agree that the award should transfer with the PI. All Co-PIs must be notified of the grant transfer.
  2. The PI should confirm the status of any cost-sharing commitment made by the original institution. Some agencies require any cost-share commitments made at the original institution to be transferred to the new institution.
  3. Confirm compliance or other commitments that will be transferred.
  4. Ascertain and follow sponsor requirements related to transferring a grant. (Contained in this document are specific web-site references for some federal agencies. If your sponsor is not one listed later in this document, contact the sponsor directly to determine their specific requirements.)
  5. Discuss any technology developments with the Technology Transfer Office.
  6. Coordinate with the Office for Sponsored Research and Award Administration of the current institution regarding completion of grant transfer requirements.
  7. The Office for Sponsored Research and Award Administration at the current institution is responsible for the following areas:
    1. Determine the exact amount of unexpended or un-obligated funds to be transferred. Critically review any cost-sharing commitments. Determine which have been met and which, if any, will transfer with the grant.
    2. Review agreement for sub-grants to determine project status. Notify active sub-awardees of impending move and that their current award may be terminated. Coordinate terminations with the Contract and Business Office.
    3. Review agreement for equipment purchases. Capitalized equipment purchased on the current award may move with the PI to the new institution. Any movement of equipment which has not been purchased with this award must be approved by the department head and have a loan agreement signed between the two institutions. Contact the institution's Property Office.
    4. Review commitments to personnel, particularly graduate students, to determine if their participation is integral to project success. If so, the new institution will need to make a sub-grant back to the original institution once the grant is transferred.

The Principal Investigator is responsible for the following actions to complete a transfer:

  1. Complete paperwork from the sponsor, and secure the signature of their department head, dean (or director) and the Director of Sponsored Research and Award Administration on a relinquishing statement to end the award at that institution.
  2. Complete the application procedures of the new institution's Sponsored Research and Award Administration office in order to complete the grant transfer process.
  3. Provide a copy of the initial proposal, initial award notice, and the most recent progress report. Provide a copy of the scope of work if the transferring of the grant changes the scope.
  4. Provide a detailed budget for the funds to be transferred, using rates appropriate for the new institution, and balance of any cost sharing to be met. (A detailed budget includes all salaries, levels of effort, fringe benefits, travel, supplies/services, equipment, sub-awards and indirect cost.)
  5. Provide other compliance or commitment documents (e.g., animal use; human subjects.)
  6. Complete and sign the institution's Proposal Transmittal Form. All units providing the commitment must approve any cost sharing obligations. Oregon State University's Cayuse proposal management system serves this function.
  7. Include verification from the department on academic appointment start date.
  8. Supply a letter from the original grantee institution relinquishing the grant or copy of signed agency relinquishment form.
  9. Forward all necessary completed and signed paperwork to the funding agency.