Cayuse Support

In May 2011, OSU began using Cayuse 424 as its web-based proposal development and submission system. The following year, OSU implemented Cayuse SP, which is used as OSU’s web-based internal proposal routing and approval system.  Below you will find links and other documents that will help provide additional  information on the use of both products. 

Questions can always  be addressed to by e-mail or by phone at 541-737-4933.

To get started, here are some quick tips:

  1. The Cayuse Research Suite URL:  User name and password are your ONID username and password.
  2. Users must be registered within the Cayuse system prior to initial use.  Registration request form: /office-sponsored-research-and-award-administration/webform/cayuse-new-user-registration-request-form
  3. Firefox is the best browser to use, but Internet Explorer also works.  Cayuse does not work with Chrome and Approvals will not work with Safari.  Full configuration details may be found here:  If you have accessed Cayuse before, you may need to “clear your history” following any changes.
  4. Pre-proposals do not need to be routed through Cayuse.  The Cayuse process will need to be utilized for submission of a full proposal and is initiated in the Cayuse SP module.
  5. When logging into Cayuse, you’ll see the following screen where you will select "Cayuse SP":

cayuse screen

New Cayuse 3.0 Update Guidance