The Office of Sponsored Programs policies have been developed for use in the submission of pre-proposals and proposals for external funding. This information provides current rates, explanations of processes, and policies within Oregon State University. This information is periodically updated on the web site as content changes. Advisories will be sent throughout the year as these changes occur.


Pre-proposals must be submitted to the Office of Sponsored Programs for review and authorization if one of the following conditions occur:

  1. The sponsor requesting the pre-proposal is requiring an institutional signature (e.g.,NSF)
  2. The sponsor requires a detailed budget of the pre-proposal

A Cayuse proposal is generally not required for pre-proposals. However, OSP needs any pre-proposal one full business day in advance of submission. OSP will give only a cursory view to pre-proposals.

Full Proposals

The following steps outline the general process for full proposals.

  1. The Principal Investigator (PI) and any Co-PIs complete a Cayuse Propsal record. The PI and Co-PIs are agreeing to conduct the project and follow OSU policies and procedures if the proposal is funded.
  2. Any special requirements in the proposal, such as animal use, human subjects, recombinant DNA, radiation, chemical carcinogens, or biosafety, require the PI to involve the appropriate OSU oversight committee and obtain approvals prior to work beginning in that area.
  3. The proposal is reviewed by the department chairs (or Center or Institute Directors) of the PI and all co-PI's, for department/unit compatibility, budget, or other commitments or use of facilities.
  4. The proposal is reviewed by the deans of the PI and all Co-PIs, for consistency with college or unit goals, budget, or other commitments or use of facilities.
  5. The proposal is then routed to Sponsored Programs, allowing a minimum of three full business days for review of conformance to University policy, state or federal regulation, budget and fiscal compliance, sponsor certifications and assurances, adherence to regulatory and safety compliance, and potential conflicts of interest.
  6. After review, the OSU Authorizing Official provides approval for release to the external sponsor.
  7. The PI may coordinate with the Office of Sponsored Programs to submit the proposal to the external sponsor.

Deadlines for Internal Processing

To ensure the submission of proposals by prescribed deadline dates, faculty should allow at least five full business days for a proposal to be reviewed and processed through OSRAA. See chart for timeline details. During major and heavy deadline periods, additional time for proposal processing may be necessary. 

Elements Of A Full Cayuse Proposal Package

  1. Completed Cayuse Proposal Record

    All pages of the electronic Cayuse proposal record should be completed as indicated by a Green check mark next to the page title in the proposal menu.

  2. Electronic copy of the Statement of Work attached to the proposal
  3. Electronic copy of the budget spreadsheet attached to the proposal
  4. Electronic copy of the narrative budget justification attached to the proposal