Save the Date  - Friday, January 22, 2021  - 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

We are excited to announce our rescheduled university-wide Ignite.  Enjoy a fun, informal afternoon with colleagues from across the University.

You are invited to attend all or part of the Ignite sessions as your interests dictate and schedules allow.


University-Wide Ignite Research Colloquium - - Interdisciplinary Health Sciences

Friday, January 22, 2021

2:00 – 2:10      Welcome

  • Tuba Özkan-Haller, Associate Vice President for Research Administration and Development


  • Tuba Özkan-Haller, Associate Vice President for Research Administration and Development
  • Marie Harvey, Associate Dean of Research, CPHHS

2:10 – 2:45      Theme I:  Harnessing Big Data to Advance Health Sciences Research

                        Facilitator:  Brett Tyler, Director, Center for Genome Research & Biocomputing

Session I              3 presentations, Q & A

  • Melissa Haendel ~ Harnessing the Nation's EHR Data to Combat COVID-19
  • Yumie Takata ~ Using Electronic Health Record Data for Cancer Epidemiological Studies
  • Timothy Warren ~Quantitative Approaches to Studying Long-Distance Insect Dispersal


                                Session 2             3 presentations, Q & A

  • David Hendrix ~ Discovery and Visualization of Patterns in The Diurnal Transcriptome of Aging Drosophila Melanogaster Heads
  • Harold Bae ~ Uncovering the Genetic Architecture of Complex Polygenic Diseases Using Genome-Wide and Whole Genome Sequence Data”
  • Tao Li ~ Use Claims Data in Interdisciplinary Research


2:45 – 3:15      Theme II:  Food Insecurity and Safety

Facilitator:  Joyce Loper, Associate Dean, College of Agricultural Sciences

                                Session I              4 presentations, Q & A

  • Siew Sun Wong ~ Augmented Experiential Learning for Healthy Eating & Active Living Promotion
  • Susanne Brander ~ Microplastics In Seafood and Other Routes of Human Exposure: Where Do We Go from Here?
  • Jennifer Duringer ~ Supporting Food Safety in Oregon's Agricultural Commodities Through Toxicant and Natural Product Monitoring
  • Allison Myers ~ Linn Wellness in Neighborhood Stores (WINS): Addressing Food Insecurity Through Store-Based Changes

Session 2             5 presentations, Q & A

  • Samuel Chan ~ Don't Pack A Pest for Academic Travelers
  • Christina DeWitt ~ Seafood for Your Health!
  • Si Hong Park ~ Understanding of Microbiome to Enhance Food Safety and Quality
  • Sarah Rothenberg ~ Mercury and Methylmercury Exposure
  • Ningjian Liang ~The Development of Edible Microalgae Protein with Improved Yield and Digestibility by Fermentation


3:15 – 3:45      Theme III:  Innovative Approaches for a Planet in Crisis

                        Facilitator:  Jack Barth, Executive Director, Marine Studies Initiative

Session 1             3 presentations, Q & A

  • Chris Hagen ~ The Future of Active Mobility
  • Erica Fleishman ~ Climate Science and Equitable Improvements in Oregon's Public Health
  • Perry Hystad ~ Opportunities for Linking Natural Systems Change to Human Health

Session 2             4 presentations, Q & A  

  • Adam Kent ~ Ultra Trace Measurements of Metal Abundances and Isotopic Composition to Support Studies in Human Health
  • Brodie Pearson ~ Forecasting Environmental Stressors with Next-Generation Earth System Models
  • Ben Dalziel ~ Nowcasting The Prevalence Of SARS-Cov-2 Infections in Cities
  • Jamon Van Den Hoek ~ From Pattern to Process: A Landscape-Based Paradigm for Conflict and Humanitarian Analysis


3:45 – 5:00      Theme:  Cause, Prevention, Management, and Treatment of Disease

                        Facilitator: Emily Ho, Director, Linus Pauling Institute (Sessions 1 and 2)

                                                      Fred Stevens, Associate Dean of Research, Pharmacy (Sessions 3 and 4)


Session I              6 presentations, Q & A

  • Kenton Hokanson ~ Electrophysiological Experiments to Uncover Disease Mechanisms and Treatments
  • Jessee Dietch ~ Assessment and Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment of Sleep Disorders
  • Xiangyou Shen~ Play to Cope: The Role of Play and Playfulness in Resilient Coping During the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Kerry Mcphail ~Medicines and Biomedical Molecular Probes from the Sea
  • Paulina Kaiser ~ Research Opportunities with Samaritan Health Services
  • Denise Hynes ~ Using A National COVID-19 Shared Data Resource to Examine Long Term Sequelae for Hospitalized Patients


Session 2             5 presentations, Q & A

  • Sean Newsom ~ An Introduction to The Translational Metabolism Research Laboratory (TMRL)
  • Emily Plackowski ~ Rare Diseases, Disorders, and Disabilities
  • BJ Philmus ~ Natural Products Biosynthesis and Synthetic Biology
  • Jay Kim ~ Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders and Their Prevention Through Intervention
  • Jim Myers ~ Breeding Vegetables for Human Health & Nutrition


Session 3             5 presentations, Q & A

  • Oleh Taratula ~ Multifunctional Nanomedicine Platforms for Imaging and Treatment of Cancer and Endometriosis
  • Katherine Mclaughlin ~ Sampling Hidden Populations at High Risk for Infectious Diseases
  • Emily Ho ~ Dietary Influences on Inflammation and Cancer Prevention
  • Maude David ~ Diet, Microbiota and Mental Health: Hope or Hype?
  • Maria Clara Franco ~ Redox Signaling as A Source of Novel Therapeutic Targets


Session 4             5 presentations, Q & A

  • Thomas Sharpton ~ Do Environmental Perturbations to The Microbiome Underlie the Rise in Chronic Diseases?
  • Siva Kolluri ~ Toxicology to Therapeutics
  • Andy Karplus ~ The GCE4All Center: Unleashing the Potential of Genetic Code Expansion for Biomedical Research
  • Arup Indra ~Cell-Cell Signaling: Prognostic Biomarkers and Therapeutic Targets- From Inflammatory Skin Diseases to Cancer
  • Veronica Irvin ~ Interval Breast Cancers


5:00 – 6:00          Reception & Networking